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Real Estate Weekly Rising Stars of 2019: Jamie DeNicola, Cignature Realty

Jamie DeNicola Cignature Realty Commercial Brokers

Jamie DeNicola, 24, is an investment sales broker at Cignature Realty Associates who has written over $250 million in potential sales with one of the city’s top performing investment sales firms led by Lazer Sternhell and Peter Vanderpool.

At Cignature Realty, Jamie dedicates his efforts on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. His most recent accomplishments over the last year include: sourcing a $60 million portfolio of three, six-story walk-up apartments in Yorkville; a $40 million seven-story elevator building in Carnegie Hill, a $40 million five-story elevator apartment in Yorkville and a $15 million, six-story walk-up apartment in Yorkville.

DeNicola grew up in New Haven, Connecticut, where his father worked in commercial construction. From a young age, he accompanied his father to the sites he worked on, including airports and large commercial properties. In college, DeNicola interned for a residential real estate development firm. These experiences piqued his interest in a career in commercial real estate.

He credits his success to his mentors at Cignature: Peter Vanderpool and Lazer Sternhell who set the tone and encourage DeNicola to emulate the work ethic and skills that make them so successful.

“As a rookie, I try to be a sponge and absorb as much information as possible – from my co-workers, industry periodicals, etc,” said DeNicola. “Additionally, I can accredit much of my success to my aggressiveness, determination and willingness to take risks.”

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