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The Only Way to Do Great Work is to Do What You Love Steve Jobs

Cignature Realty is a Really Great Place to Work

More Than a Place to Work – A Place to Grow

“You don’t build a business. You build people. Then people build the business.” This is more than just a nice, aspirational sentiment. At Cignature Realty, it’s a core belief measured in our steady growth over time into one of New York’s premier boutique multifamily and mixed-use real estate and investment companies. We “build” our people by sharing invaluable knowledge and expertise no one else has, nurturing and being open to diverse perspectives and skills, and providing all the tools and unique opportunities for individual growth that are both professionally rewarding as well as personally fulfilling. 

A Culture That Rewards on Every Level
The Cignature Realty culture is unlike any in the industry. Our select group of brokers comes from divergent backgrounds, with a remarkably wide range of work and life experiences. Yet common to each is a commitment for hard work and a passion to realize their fullest potential. This is made all the more possible in a non-intra-competitive environment with no restrictions or caps on transactions or income. It allows each one of us to be vested in the success of the others, and in turn the overall success of the company. The size of our company engenders a close-knit, collegial, almost family atmosphere, yet belies a remarkable record of successful transactions over the past 10 years in the world’s most dynamic, competitive real estate market. It’s what makes Cignature Realty a truly outstanding place for any driven, committed, and talented professional to succeed.

Uncommon Values, Common Goals
An aspect all too often overlooked by job seekers in choosing a prospective employer is the recruiting process itself. Viewed as merely perfunctory by far too many employers, regardless of their size, they just don’t go beyond the résumé and the typical where-do-you-see-yourself-in-five-years questions asked by HR. At Cignature Realty, the seeds of our success are sown here. Our onboarding process involves senior management and  associates as well as some of the latest in HR AI. It’s thorough, thoughtful and thought provoking, allowing everyone involved to accurately gauge if each meshes with the other and with the Cignature Realty ethos. We’re not looking for a body in a chair; we’re seeking remarkable individuals who bring their heart and soul to work with them every day.

New York – the world’s most iconic city; crossroads of commerce and culture, constantly evolving while continuing to offer unlimited possibilities and potential for those with drive and vision. For more than ten years, Cignature Realty has helped shaped the landscape of Manhattan as a leader in multifamily residential and mixed-use real estate. In doing so, it has not only helped investors and owners, but whole communities themselves grow and prosper. 

If you see yourself as someone eager to fully utilize your experience, academic knowledge and people skills for your own professional growth while fulfilling a desire to be part of a greater good, we have a remarkable opportunity for you.

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